Australian Providers within Universities

Most Australian universities are members of the JASON project (click here to see if your institution is a member) and it is the responsibility of the institution to enter information about scholarships it offers. Therefore if you have a scholarship that you would like placed on JASON and you are situated in a university that is a member, you should contact your scholarship or research office so that they can enter the information. If you are unable to locate your local JASON co-ordinator please contact us and we can let you you know the e-mail address of the person concerned.

If the scholarship is provided by an Australian university that is not a member of JASON we are unable to place the scholarship on the database.

All other Providers

JASON is a free service to providers of scholarships from foundations, governments, private companies and many other organisations. We encourage all scholarship providers to place their scholarships on JASON. Obviously, the more exhaustive the database, the more useful the site is to students. JASON does not only include those schemes that are offered systematically every year or quarter etc, we also welcome one-off offers and can easily accommodate schemes that are only offered when sufficient funds exist. The administration of each scheme entry can be prescribed by the scholarship provider, to accommodate the particular policies of each individual institution.

If you would like any further information on having your institution's scholarship included on JASON please send an e-mail. Otherwise, simply fill in the form with the details of your scholarship(s) and mail it to us and the entry will be created for you within a few days. Alternatively you can use the "Submit a scholarship" feature on the "About Jason" link in the menu to submit scholarships on-line.

Download Submission form

You will be then be sent an e-mail confirming the entry has been made and providing the Scholarship ID number so that you may check the entry yourself.

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